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  • Jul 25,2016 Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Wanda Plaza Opens

    Mudanjiang Wanda Plaza opened in Heilongjiang Province on July 22 as the 144th Wanda Plaza to open nationwide.

  • Jul 20,2016 Wanda Lands on Fortune Global 500 List as Company Transitions to Service Provider

    *Wanda enters world’s top 500 companies for first time, ranked 385

  • Jul 15,2016 Jixi Wanda Plaza Opens

    Jixi Wanda Plaza opened in Heilongjiang Province on July 15, becoming the 143rd Wanda Plaza to open nationwide.

  • Jul 12,2016 Nanchang Wanda City Records Over 2 Million Tourists in First Month

    Since its grand opening on May 28, Nanchang Wanda City has become a hotspot attraction, welcoming over 2 million tourists in June. Normally an off-season for theme parks in China due to the hot weather, June has seen over 300,000 visitors to Nanchang Theme Park of Nanchang Wanda City, while the highest daily attendance was 20,000.

  • Jul 05,2016 Wanda Group Announces 2016 First-Half Results

    *Wanda Group’s 2016 First-Half Revenue Increased 10.6% YoY to RMB119.93 billion

  • Jul 04,2016 Siping Wanda Plaza Opens

    Wanda Plaza opened in Siping, Jilin Province on July 1, becoming the 142nd Wanda Plaza to open nationwide. The plaza saw around 300,000 visitors on its opening day and recorded approximately RMB15 million in sales.

  • Jul 02,2016 Wanda Realm Siping Opens

    Wanda Realm Siping Hotel opened its doors on July 1 as the Group’s 33rd Realm nationwide. The hotel features 261 guest rooms and a 1,200 square meter grand ballroom, with interior decoration that incorporates traditional Chinese paper cutting and peacock themes.

  • Jun 26,2016 Zhanjiang Wanda Plaza Opens

    Wanda’s 141st Wanda Plaza opened in Zhanjiang, Guangdong on June 25. The plaza saw around 350,000 visitors on its opening day and recorded approximately RMB40 million in sales.

  • Jun 26,2016 Wuhai Wanda Plaza Opens

    Wuhai Wanda Plaza opened in Inner Mongolia on June 25, becoming the 140th Wanda Plaza to open nationwide. The plaza saw more than 263,100 visitors on its opening day and recorded more than RMB13.36 million in sales.

  • Jun 20,2016 Wanda Reign debuts at the Bund

    Wanda Hotels & Resorts unveiled its ultra-luxury hotel – Wanda Reign on the Bund – to the public on 18 June 2016 in a festive celebration. Hundreds of distinguished guests witnessed the birth of Shanghai’s newest luxury landmark in the exquisite grand opening ceremony.

  • Jun 20,2016 Wanda Commercial Unveils Jinan High-tech Wanda Plaza

    Wanda Commercial debuted its Jinan High-tech Wanda Plaza on June 19, marking its second Wanda Plaza in Jinan and the Group’s 139th Wanda Plaza. On the first day of opening, 350,000 customers contributed to sales of RMB 35 million.

  • Jun 18,2016 Ziyang Wanda Plaza celebrates grand opening

    Wanda Commercial's 138th Wanda Plaza, Ziyang Wanda Plaza, opens on June 17.

  • Jun 18,2016 Wanda Commercial debuts Taizhou Wanda Plaza

    Wanda Group unveiled its 137th Wanda Plaza and the first of its kind in the city of Taizhou on June 17. Around 300,000 Taizhou citizens witnessed the new Taizhou Wanda Plaza in all its glamour.

  • Jun 11,2016 Grand opening of Hunan Xiangtan Wanda Plaza

    The opening of Xiangtan Wanda Plaza - Wanda Group's 136th Wanda Plaza nationwide and the second Wanda Plaza in Hunan - on June 10 marked the completion of a brand new city center in Xiangtan.

  • Jun 04,2016 New Wanda Plaza debuts in Jingmen, Hubei

    Wanda unveiled the Jingmen Wanda Plaza on June 3, marking its 135th Wanda Plaza and the ninth of its kind in Hubei province.

  • May 31,2016 Media reports about Nanchang Wanda Cultural Tourism City infringing on Disney’s intellectual property rights are seriously distorted

    Recently some media publications reported that Nanchang Wanda Cultural Tourism City’s Wanda Park illegally used some Disney characters for promotional purposes. After our investigation we found that the reports were seriously distorted.

  • May 28,2016 Wanda unveils first cultural tourism city, aiming to become world’s top brand

    Some companies open theme parks. Wanda is unveiling a city--the first of many to come.

  • May 20,2016 Wanda Cultural Tourism City to land in Guilin

    Wanda is breaking ground on a major tourism project in China's southwestern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on May 20. The mega-project, the 11th of its kind for Wanda's large-scale cultural tourism projects in China, is a 16 billion RMB cultural tourism investment in Guilin and is the largest investment in Guangxi to date.

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