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Panjin Wanda Plaza Opens for Business

Sep 10,2016


Panjin Wanda Plaza Opens for Business

The grand opening of Liaoning Panjin Wanda Plaza was held on September 9. This is Wanda Commercial's first Wanda Plaza in Panjin. It is also the first shopping center in Panjin to offer a truly meaningful lifestyle experience.

The whole town turned out on the first day of opening with footfall of 2.3 million, and revenue of approximately RMB16.5 million.

Adhering to the commitment to "make the city more prosperous and make life better", Panjin Wanda Plaza is at the forefront of fashion trends in Panjin, and is dedicated to creating the largest urban complex with the most extensive range of businesses and of the highest quality in Panjin, ushering in a new era for business in an oil city. Panjin Wanda will lead the city's consumer wave, lifting the lifestyle quality of Panjin's populace on an all-round basis.

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