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The grand opening ceremony of Qiqihar Wanda Plaza

Aug 24,2015

The grand opening ceremony of Qiqihar Wanda Plaza

On August 1, a grand ceremony was held for the opening of China’s 118th Wanda Plaza in Qiqihar.

On the first day of business, Qiqihar Wanda Plaza welcomed more than 290,000 customers, setting a new record for the business circle of Qiqihar. With a total floor space of 553,500 square meters, the project covers prosperous businesses such as the Binhu Commercial Street, a large shopping mall, a five-star hotel, an international IMAX cinema, a luxurious residential quarter, a platinum apartment building, and the Super Player Casino. The five-star hotel, international IMAX cinema and the platinum apartment building are the first of their kinds in Qiqihar, renovating the city’s commercial pattern and stimulating the leapfrog development of its business economy.

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