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Wanda launches China's first commercial property crowdfunding project

Jul 02,2015

By innovating the traditional financing model of commercial property and leveraging innovative Internet finance tools, this project directly injects money into the construction of Wanda plazas to support the Group's sustained and rapid expansion in commercial real estate and to facilitate its restructuring into a light-asset service provider.

As Wanda's first Internet finance product, "Stable Earner No.1" is a product based on Wanda plazas. Funds raised will be directly invested in the construction of Wanda plazas in each city. Investors will be awarded with the right to profits from such plazas and enjoy double returns including shop rental and added value of properties of Wanda Plazas. The expected annualized rate of return may reach over 12%.

With a minimum initial investment amount of Rmb1,000, this project is revolutionary as it lowers the traditional minimum investment thresholds of commercial property, making it possible for ordinary investors to own quality property and share the hefty investment returns with leading commercial property developers.

As a leading company in the global commercial property industry, Wanda boasts mature and professional ability as well as experience to operate and manage commercial real estate. Each Wanda Plaza is where people are concentrated and is extremely popular among merchant partners. In terms of commercial management, Wanda has set world records that occupancy rate and rental collection rates have both exceeded 99% for many years. In addition, the "city center" effect implies great potential of property appreciation after a Wanda plaza is constructed. All of this provides reliable guarantee for investors to gain stable and sustained high profit.

The "Stable Earner No.1" product will be distributed via 99 Bill platform jr.99bill.com and 99 Bill wallet APP with limited quota. Fundraising will be from June 12 to June 15 2015. Investors can view project details by logging in 99 Bill platform or downloading 99 Bill wallet APP. Additionally, 99 Bill will offer transfer function. Investors may opt to cash out of and sell their investment three months after the establishment of the project.

Hong Hao, head of the Association of China Internet Financial Industry, believes that the Wanda plaza crowdfunding project builds a direct link between capital and B&M industries and creates a brand new financing model for commercial real estate, thus achieving a rapid expansion in commercial property. This project is so far the first meaningful financial innovation project in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and in China. Consistent with the national "Internet+" strategy, this innovative Internet finance model is a helpful attempt to combine industry with finance and a typical example of how "Internet+" can boost the real economy.


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