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Wang Jianlin very well received at US investment summit

Mar 26,2015

Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin was invited to attend the SelectUSA Investment Summit in the United States from March 23 to 24 and received the highest courtesy during the summit meeting.

The most common way for foreign leaders to meet with Chinese entrepreneurs is in group meetings. This time, however, US President Barack Obama met with Chairman Wang Jianlin in an individual meeting. 

Obama met with Wang Jianlin in Washington DC on March 23 local time. He welcomed Wanda Group to the United States for investment and said he would create a more favorable investment environment. Wang thanked Obama for the meeting and said Wanda Group would continue to take internationalization as the company's development strategy, adding that Wanda Group would continue to invest in the United States to further push forward the development of bilateral economic and trade relations. Wang was the only Chinese entrepreneur invited to meet with Obama for this occasion.

In addition to being the "only one", Wang was also the "first one". Top entrepreneurs from China, Israel, South Korea, Brazil, and Japan were invited for individual meetings with Obama. The first one he met with was Wang Jianlin.

In addition, before the summit began, the big screen at the meeting venue scroll broadcast only two congratulatory video clips: one from the world renowned Warren Buffett, and the other from Wang Jianlin. The summit meeting's organizing committee invited just two to speak out of the world's top entrepreneurs attending the meeting: Wang Jianlin and Buffett. Buffet addressed the meeting on the first day as a representative of American entrepreneurs. On the second day, right after the keynote speech by the US Treasury Secretary, it was Wang's turn to deliver a speech. 

The high courtesy Wang Jianlin received during the US investment summit demonstrates not only the close relations but also the huge improvement in the international status of Chinese entrepreneurs as well as US needs for Chinese capital to boost the US economy.

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