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New Wanda Plaza unveiled in Guangzhou Panyu

Nov 11,2014

Wanda unveiled its 102nd Wanda plaza property in Panyu, Guangzhou, on November 8, setting a new record for Panyu in terms of daily spending and foot traffic

Panyu Wanda Plaza is the group’s third Wanda Plaza in Guangzhou after Baiyun Wanda Plaza and Zengcheng Wanda Plaza. The 500 thousand sqm property is located in the center of Panyu’s Wanbo CBD and combines a large shopping center with entertainment, offices and SOHO apartments in one complex.

The plaza houses 125 well-known brands including the Wanda Department Store, Super Player, Wanda Cinema Line, Wanda KTV, GAP, Uniqlo, Sephora, McDonald's, Starbucks, ZARA and many more. It provides a unique "one stop shopping service" experience for local residents.

Guangzhou Panyu Wanda Plaza has set a new benchmark in terms of its scale, quality and variety on offer and will greatly contribute to the development of the area's local economy.

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