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Official statement: In relation to trademark infringement of the Wanda brand

May 27,2014

Recently, both the Chinese Film Association and China Film Producers Association brought to attention 11 film theaters nationwide that had committed violations, among them including "Guangdong Heyuan Zijin Shidai Wanda Cinema", which was mistaken as a branch of the Dalian Wanda Group's subsidiary company "Wanda Cinema Line" due to the use of the words "Wanda Cinema".

In this regard, Wanda Group would like to set facts straight and hereby confirm that "Guangdong Heyuan Zijin Shidai Wanda Cinema" is in no way affiliated or connected to Dalian Wanda Group's Wanda Cinema Line subsidiary company. Dalian Wanda Group will proceed to investigate this issue further through the appropriate legal channels.

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