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Wanda builds new plaza in Suzhou

Apr 01,2014

Wanda builds new plaza in Suzhou

Wanda Group held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new Wanda Plaza in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province on March 28.

As Wanda's third investment project in Suzhou, the Wuzhong Wanda Plaza is a premier large-scale urban complex in southern Suzhou and Wanda's third-generation HOPSCA project. The plaza is conveniently located at the CBD crossroad with easy access to downtown areas. Upon completion, it will become another city center and a major growth engine of southern Suzhou's economy.

The Wuzhong Wanda Plaza will house a luxury hotel, shopping center, shopping street, high-end office building, luxury apartments, SOHO apartments and much more. It combines business, tourism, residential and consumer functions into one complex.

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