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Wanda publishes textbooks on commercial real estate

Mar 24,2014

Wanda publishes textbooks on commercial real estate

China's first series of textbooks on commercial real estate compiled by an enterprise - Wanda Group Commercial Real Estate Series - was officially launched at the Beijing Wangfujing Bookstore on March 23.

Compiled by the Wanda Group, the series of books comprehensively explains Wanda's road to success in the commercial property sector. The books are expected to improve the professional level of China's commercial real estate industry as well as contribute to the healthy development of the industry.

Wanda Group entered the commercial property arena in 2000 and has since grown to become the world's second largest real estate company. Wanda not only set a world record in terms of the speed at  which they have developed, but have also retained a 99%+ rental rate for many consecutive years, which is unmatched globally throughout the commercial real estate industry.

The Wanda Group Commercial Real Estate Series showcases Wanda's 14 years of experience and wisdom in commercial real estate development and management. The quality, quantity and practicality of the series far exceed that of its counterparts.

Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin serves as the publication's editor-in-chief, with Vice Presidents or General Managers in charge of each chapter. As industry elites that serve as the backbone of each of Wanda's businesses, these individuals ensured the professionalism of the books.

The series contains two books - Commercial Real Estate Investment and Development and Commercial Real Estate Operation and Management. The former talks about operation practices including project development, planning and design, tenant attraction, project governance, financial planning and organization, marketing management, IT governance, human resources, cost control, legal affairs, assessment management, and quality and safety management. The latter focuses on the operation and management after the completion of construction, expounding on market research, project positioning, risk control, etc.

It is the first time for Wanda Group to disclose some of its "secrets", such as modular control, brand network management and IT control. The move manifests Wanda's high sense of corporate social responsibility and open-handedness as an industry leader,

The series is a no-frills practical guide to the commercial real estate industry.

Wanda Group has attached huge importance to the publication of its first series of textbooks on commercial real estate, which they began planning and preparing for almost 5 years ago.  The textbooks started out as internal training manuals for employees of Wanda Commercial Properties. When the Wanda Institute opened in 2012, the textbooks were amended into a series of training materials for the institute's employees. In response to the number of commercial real estate books that flooded the market in 2013, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin began focusing on creating a Wanda Group Commercial Real Estate Series to combine Wanda Group's existing training materials with additional information on Wanda's businesses and valuable industry expertise. After two years in the making, the books were finally completed on March 2014.

Wang Jianlin said that publishing a book must only be done at the highest possible level. As the leader and most experienced player in the industry, Wanda has a responsibility to share their knowledge with other companies and individuals engaged in this industry, so that they can learn from our past mistakes and save on unneeded tuition fees.

Dean of Tsinghua University School of Architecture Zhuang Weimin said the books contained detailed information on the execution of Wanda's business model for investment, construction, operations and management in the commercial real estate industry and is filled with valuable references and knowledge that provide genuine educational value.

Director of the China Shopping Center Development Association Guo Zengli said that the circulation of the Wanda series means that there is now a systematic set of reference books for China's commercial real estate and shopping center industries, which are extremely valuable to students as well as to industry professionals.

The Tsinghua University Press publishes the Wanda Group Commercial Real Estate Series

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