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Hero astronaut Yang Liwei films video for Wanda

Mar 20,2014

China's first spaceman Yang Liwei visited Wanda's Wuhan Film Park to film a science video for kids on March 16.

The Wuhan Film Park's Space Theater has already been selected by the Hubei Provincial Government as the official children's learning center for aerospace science. To encourage interest in aerospace science among children, Yang accepted Wanda's invitation to participate in the filming of a video that paints a picture of the future development of the aerospace science industry in China.

Yang said in the interview that he hopes China can become a major force in space exploration in the future and he is very glad to make further contributions to this industry.

As the Wanda Group endeavors to build its own culture brand, its Wuhan Film Park project aims to represent the unique spirit and culture of the Chinese Civilization and spread this message on a global level.

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