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Wanda Reign Hotel unveils staff uniforms

Jun 14,2013


Wanda Reign Hotel unveils staff uniforms

Wanda Reign Hotel unveils staff uniforms

Wanda Group’s top luxury hotel brand Wanda Reign unveiled its staff uniforms in Beijing on June 13.

A total of 41 sets of seasonal uniforms for different departments, including the Front Office, Housekeeping Department and Food and Beverage Department, were presented by models at the T station.

Elegance, luxury and perfection, which demonstrate Wanda Reign’s characteristics, are embedded in the design of the costumes. The eye-catching qipao (cheongsam) for ushers drew much attention for its traditional flavor.

The ushers will also receive overall trainings on Chinese traditional culture by Ha Hui, a renowned expert of Sinology and associate professor of Minzu University of China.

The first Wanda Reign Hotel will land in Wuhan Central Cultural District in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province in March, 2014. With an investment of 50 billion yuan and a total floor area of more than 70,000sq, it will be the world’s top luxury hotel.

"We hold these as Wanda Reign Hotel’s missions: Carry on Chinese culture, provide services exceeding your expectation and create incomparable experience,” said Ilja Poepper, Deputy General Manager of Wanda Hotels and Resorts Co Ltd.

"We spent almost a year on designing and making the uniforms. They are not just clothes. They have lives, telling the hotel’s story and spirit,” said Liu Xiaofeng, general manager of Wanda Hotels and Resorts Co Ltd’s Marketing Department, adding that the hotel’s beds, butlers, private chefs and high-tech service facilities will surely impress guests.

Wanda Group currently has three brands for its hotels: five-star Wanda Realm Hotel, super five-star Wanda Vista Hotel and the Wanda Reign Hotel, its most luxurious brand. Wanda plans to open three Wanda Reign Hotels in Wuhan, Chengdu and Shanghai consecutively and will operate 104 hotels by 2015.



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