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Wang Jianlin hints at cooperation with DreamWorks

Jun 06,2013

Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin revealed at the Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu on June 6 that his company would probably cooperate with DreamWorks in the future.

Speaking on a CCTV-moderated panel with DreamWorks CEO Jeffery Katzenberg, Wang said he hoped to work with him in future. Katzenberg, who has formed a DreamWorks joint venture in Shanghai with Chinese media companies, said he was certain that the two companies would be doing things together.

"I used to talk with Jeffery about a cooperation agreement, but unfortunately DreamWorks had already signed an exclusive deal with a state-owned media company in Shanghai,“ said Wang, “but I’m sure we’ll hammer out an agreement without hurting other companies’ rights in the future.”

"I’m certain that we will be doing things together,” Katzenberg echoed Wang, adding: “Wanda has strength in merger & acquisitions and will be a strong supporter for DreamWorks.”

Katzenberg believes the cooperation between Wanda and DreamWorks will be an innovation for Chinese entertainment market by integrating retailing and entertainment together.

Wang said at the forum that he is also talking with the top five US cinema companies about cooperation.

The 12th Fortune Global Forum will take place from June 6 to 8 in Chengdu. It is an annual conference held by Fortune magazine. It is the fourth time for China to hold this forum. Themed "China's New Future", this year’s forum will bring the CEOs of the world's biggest multinational companies, entrepreneurs and scholars to China.


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