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Fushun Wanda Plaza Joins Hands with Lei Feng Memorial Hall

Mar 06,2012


The Fushun Wanda Plaza in Liaoning Province has formed partnership with the Lei Feng Memorial and organized its entire staff to visit the memorial on Monday.

To better promote the Lei Feng Spirit, the Fushun Wanda Plaza donated modern broadcasting equipments to the memorial. Chen Zhuo, the memorial’s curator, gave the plaza some materials about Lei Feng in return.

During the visit, the plaza’s workers were deeply touched by Lei Feng’s simple lifestyle and his dedication spirit. They said they will learn from Lei Feng and become pioneers of the city’s construction.

Under the partnership, the memorial will host learning activities organized by the Fushun Wanda Plaza and the plaza’s employees will serve as volunteers for the memorial.

(Editor: Guan Xiaofeng)


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