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Grand foundation stone laying ceremony of Zhangzhou Bihu Wanda Plaza

Feb 07,2012


Grand foundation stone laying ceremony of Zhangzhou Bihu Wanda Plaza

The grand ground breaking ceremony of Zhangzhou Bihu Wanda Plaza.

On 26 Jan, the grand foundation stone laying ceremony themed “Wanda prospers, Zhangzhou blooms”  for Zhangzhou Bihu Wanda Plaza,  was held at the project worksite, symbolizing the official launch of Zhangzhou’s new commercial real estate.

Top brass such as Chen Dong,  deputy secretary and mayor of Zhangzhou city, and Qi Jie, vice president of Dalian Wanda Commercial Real Estate Co, attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was lively and celebratory, with flower bouquets everywhere and firecrackers going off, gathering together all members from society and friends from all corners to cheer for the grand foundation stone laying of Zhangzhou Bihu Wanda Plaza. 

Zhangzhou Bihu Wanda Plaza is located on the east side of Jiulong Boulevard and South side of Jianyuan East Road, right at the intersection of Xiangcheng District, Zhangzhou City and Longwen district. The entire project is made up of large commercial centers, high class business hotels, commercial pedestrian walkways, grade A office buildings and high-end residence that integrates shopping, dining, culture, entertainment and leisure together.  

Zhangzhou Bihu Wanda Plaza not only provided the only large urban complex in Zhangzhou city, it will also drive urban commercial upgrading and give the city an image makeover. After opening, Zhangzhou Bihu Wanda Plaza will continue to bring in steady tax income for the local government, create many employment opportunities and improve urban support to become the new commercial, office and entertainment centre in Zhangzhou. 

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