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Wanda’s Master Piece: Chu River & Han Street was Opened

Sep 30,2011

The Wuhan Central Cultural Zone Phase I, Chu River and Han Street cum Wanda Westin Hotel were opened on September 30, 2011. Wanda was the investor and construction company of the project. Li Hongzong, the Secretary of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, Wang Guosheng, Governor of Hubei Province, Yang Song, Chairman of the Hubei Provincial CPPCC, Ruan Chengfa, standing member of CPC Hubei Committee, Secretary of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee, Tang Liangzhi, Mayor of Wuhan, Fu Dehui, Secretary-General to the Provincial Government, Fu Limin, standing member of the CPC Wuhan Municipal committee, Secretary-General to the CPC Wuhan committee, Sui Ya, Deputy Mayor of Wuhan, and Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Wanda Group attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon. On the ceremony, Wanda announced the donation of RMB 1 million to Wuhan Charity Fund to assist the local education.

Chairman Wang Jianlin noted in the speech that the total construction area for the Wuhan Central Culture District Phase I project was 210,000 square meters; from the construction started in mid of January to the opening on September 30th, with the support from the government of all levels, Wanda has created a Wonder of Wuhan by completing the construction in only 8 months. The Phase I project has not only added some touch of culture to the city, but it’s also a tribute to the 100 anniversary to the Xinhai Revolution. When the contract was entered two years ago, the government has requested Wanda to build a culture district that is national-leading, world-class, and make it a role model for the commercial property sector. In order to meet the requirements, Wanda has made great effort in the positioning of the project, and invited several globally-leading architects in the design and planning. Wanda has met the expectation and delivered a satisfactory result today.

Chu River & Han Street Project is the starting phase of the Wuhan Dadonghu Lake Ecological Water Network Construction Project. The Chu River is the link between the Donghu Lake and Shahu Lake; it has changed the ecological environment of the two lakes, and has created a whole new landscape for the city. It has become a new center of the city, and has brought a modern and green environment to the citizens. The implication in ecology and environmental protection is far more significant than the business itself. The Han Street is adjacent to the Chuhe River; they accompany and complement each other, and form the 21 Century version of the Along the River During the Qingming Festival.

The Han Street extends 1500 meters; it’s the longest commercial pedestrian zone in China with a large number of fashion brands, around 40 of which have set up the flagship shops in China. Around 20% of the brands set up presence in Wuhan for the first time. The Chu River and Han Street attracted numerous local people and tourists from other cities; as the first week of its opening was the National Day holiday, visitor volume has hit over 2 million, making it truly the No.1 commercial zone in China.

Han Street is also the most cultural-rich commercial zone. It posts unique features with the buildings in the Republic of China period, modern constructions and European style buildings. There are five squares named after famous people along the street, common performance stage, the largest book store in Hubei, globally-renown waxwork museum, and art gallery etc. Also, a few other world-class cultural projects are upcoming, with a total investment of RMB 8 billion. The grandest, most advanced cinema in China will open in 2012; two major cultural projects will be launched in 2013: the indoor movie theme park, the only one of its kind in the world, with RMB 3.5 billion investment, and the Han Show Theater designed for top-class stage shows, with investment of RMB 2.5 billion. By then, the Wuhan Central Cultural Zone will become a new icon of culture in the world.

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