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Grand Foundation Laying for the Nanchang Hongutan Wanda Plaza

Feb 19,2011

Grand Foundation Laying for the Nanchang Hongutan Wanda Plaza

The scene at Nanchang Hongutan Wanda Plaza’s foundation laying ceremony

On 19th January, a grand foundation laying ceremony was held at the project site of the Honggutan Wanda Plaza situated in Nanchang’s Honggutan central business district.

 More than 300 people attended the ceremony, including Lu Xiaojian, Party Secretary of CPC Nanchang Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Nanchang, Song You, Deputy Secretary-General of Nanchang Municipal Government and Chairman of the Honggutan New District Management Committee, Qi Jie, Vice President of Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd together with various leaders from the Municipal Government, Honggutan New District and affiliated agencies of Nanchang as well as reporters from major news media.

At 10.08 in the morning, amidst falling snow heralding the rich harvest in time to come, the various leaders jointly initiated the foundation laying ceremony for this project. Fire crackers were lit and the scene was boisterous and lively. This marked the official commencement of the construction of the Honggutan Wanda Plaza project.

 The Honggutan Wanda Plaza occupies a land area of approximately 163 Mu with total floor area exceeding 550,000sqm. It is another major project by Dalian Wanda in Nanchang after the Bayi Wanda Plaza and the Wanda Star City. The Honggutan Wanda Plaza will be a mega urban complex comprising a large shopping center, a leisure and entertainment center, a five-star hotel, an office building, SOHO, commercial walkways and a business hotel.

Upon completion, the Honggutan Wanda Plaza will improve the overall economic situation of the district and will accelerate the development progress of tertiary industries in Nanchang’s Honggutan New District. It will substantially upgrade the district’s commercial and business environment and hasten the formation of a “one river, two banks” situation in Nanchang, becoming the new commercial center in Honggutan and even the whole of Nanchang.

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