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Grand Foundation Laying for the Zhengzhou Erqi Wanda Plaza

Feb 12,2011


Grand Foundation Laying for the Zhengzhou Erqi Wanda Plaza

The scene at Zhengzhou Erqi Wanda Plaza’s foundation laying ceremony

On 11th January, a grand foundation laying ceremony was held at the project site of the Zhengzhou Erqi Wanda Plaza. This is the second Wanda Plaza developed by Dalian Wanda in Zhengzhou after its Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Wanda Plaza. Over 600 people, including Bai Hongzhan, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Li Xiuqi, Chairman of Zhengzhou People’s Political Consultative Conference, Xue Yunwei, Vice Mayor of Zhengzhou, Zhu Shixi, District Secretary of the Erqi District, Sun Jiquan, Vice President of Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co., Ltd and respective leaders of Zhengzhou’s affiliated agencies, attended the ceremony.  

The Zhengzhou Erqi Wanda Plaza is located at the intersection of Zhengzhou Erqi District’s Daxue Road and Hanghai Road. The project brings together six urban functions i.e.  a large shopping center, indoor walkways, a commercial hotel, urban commercial zones, high-end residential units and deluxe SOHO under one roof and covers a diverse variety of businesses ranging from high-end departmental chain stores, a five-star international film city, a large supermarket, international sports brands to KTV, arcade entertainment, electronics super mart and health and fitness. It will be able to meet Zhengzhou’s rising level of consumption and the residents’ pursuit of more high-end living.
The Zhengzhou Erqi Wanda Plaza will lift the branding image of Zhengzhou over a sustained period of time and will be testimonial to the prosperous development of the city.

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